Air Purifier Reviews: Best HEPA Air Filters and Air Cleaner Guide


New for 2013! Save time with our easy to read air purifier reviews to find the unit that best fits your needs.  On this page you will find a report card that shows the most important factors when selecting an air purifier - performance, noise level and filter costs(details in full review).  There is also a comparison of the top rated HEPA home air purifiers with additional information such as room size, key features and warranty.  With the Full Review links you will see an in depth review of each air purifier. Need more info?  Help Me Choose, see video reviews or browse all air purifiers.

Home Air Purifier Ratings Report Card                                        Scale: A B C D E

Air Purifier

Detailed Review

Overall Score (out of 100)

Price Performance Noise
Oransi Max Full Review 95 $479 A A
Amaircare 3000 VOC Full Review
90 $679 A C
Oransi Finn Full Review
90 $334 A B
Amaircare 3000  Full Review
89 $505 A C
Whirlpool APR45130L Full Review
89 $399 A- C
Amaircare Roomaid VOC Full Review
83 $179 B B
Idylis 280 Full Review
80 $299 B C
Amway Atmosphere   73 $849 B C
3M Ultra Clean  Full Review
71 $199 C C
Therapure 250
 Full Review
70 $199 C C
Therapure 240   65 $149 D C
Oreck ProShield Full Review
65 $349 D B
Ionic Breeze
Full Review
31 $465 E

















Note: Air purifier performance is based upon the air cleaner's efficiency in removing particles with each air pass and measured at 0.5 and 2.5+ micron levels.  The Overall Score is based upon a review of the performance, noise level, filter costs and room size coverage (air flow).  The pricing was taken from manufacturer's web sites.  Click on the Full Review link to see an indepth review for each air purifier.


HEPA Air Purifier Review

HEPA air purifiers are rated the best by every independent air purifier review we have seen as well as by leading goverment agencies such as the American Lung Association and EPA. This is because the HEPA filter media has been tested to remove the highest percentage of airborne particles and generally improves over time whereas filter-less and permanent filters decrease in performance. 

Whether you suffer from allergies, mold, pollen, dust, or pet dander, etc our strong recommendation is that you select a HEPA based home air purifier to get the cleanest air possible.  While not the lowest cost you definitely get the best performance and that is because the HEPA filter captures the broadest range of particle sizes. 

Be sure to also review the noise levels as it may not be reasonable to operate an air purifier in a room if it will be too loud.  Decibel levels can be tricky to understand however when comparing models keep in mind that the noise level doubles for every 10 decibel increase in noise - so a 60 decibel air purifier is twice as loud as a 50 decibel air purifier. 

If you are looking to remove gases, odors and smoke you will want to purchase a purifier with either a lot of carbon or significant carbon filter surface area.


Comparison of Top HEPA Air Purifiers (all 99%+ performance)

Model Room Size
Warranty Price Notes
Amaircare Roomaid VOC 100 sq ft
45 - 49 dB 5 years
$199 Great travel purifier
Amaircare 2500
262 sq ft
45 - 64 dB 5 years
$395 Variable speed motor
Amaircare 3000 375 sq ft
45 - 64 dB 5 years $505 Variable speed motor
Amaircare 3000 VOC
375 sq ft
45 - 64 dB 5 years
$679 3000 model with gas filter
Oransi Finn
400 sq ft
40 - 60 dB 10 years
$334 V-hepa filter lasts up to 2 years.  Includes 2 extra pre-filters.
Oransi Max 600 sq ft 34 - 53 dB 10 years $479 Quietest HEPA with power to clean a bedroom or larger living area.
Whirlpool APR45230
450 sq ft
60 dB 5 years
$399.95 Updated design with same performance as the original award winning Whispure.