Bedroom Air Cleaners

sleep.jpgFeel refreshed and rejuvenated from a good night's sleep.  Allow the air purifier to clean the air so you breathe easier as the white noise from the fan helps to block out unwanted noises.

Below are the top air cleaners for use in a bedroom.  They offer the best in performance coupled with lower noise levels - the top criteria when choosing a bedroom air purifier.

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Top 4 Bedroom Air Cleaners                                           Scale:  D  E

Air Purifier Price Overall Score Performance Noise Annual Filter Costs
Oransi Max $479 95 A A $89
Oransi Finn $334 90 A B $44
Amaircare Roomaid VOC $199 83 B B $70
Whirlpool AP25030K $259 80 B C $110