Best Juicer for Juicing Everything - Fruit, Veggies, Leafy Greens


Looking to juice the full spectrum of produce?  Take a look at our recommendations to find the juicer that is best for you.  We suggest that you consider what you will be juicing most often and where you will not compromise to find the juicer that best fits your needs.

Centrifugal juicers can do it all but tend to do better than slow juicers with harder vegetables and leafy greens like kale.  Slow juicers perform better with fruits and veggies that tend to have more juice content as opposed to the leafy greens that typically have little juice.  The "slow" refers to the speed of the spinning blade and does not mean that it takes longer to juice.





Best All-Purpose

green_star_elite_juicer150.jpgTribest Green Star Elite

Score: 84/100             Compare All

Price: $529      Learn More (description, specs, buy)

- Twin gears provide a high juice yield so your produce dollars go farther.
- Most versatile in that it can juice just about anything.
 -Feed chute is relatively small so it will not juice as quickly as others.


number1_100.jpgBest for Fruit & Veggies (apples, oranges, tomatoes, carrots, etc)


PRSJ700 Pro Slow Juicer

Score: 85/100             Compare All

Price: $329      Learn More (video, description, specs, buy)

 -Makes up to 32% more juice giving you more for your grocery dollar.
 -No juicer cleans faster. Its "Breeze-to-clean" design saves time in cleaning.
 -Produces better juice taste and nutrition than any centrifugal juicer.
 -Can get clogged if you juice kale or leafy greens.




Best Under $300

PRCJ500_GB.jpgNativeJuicer 9 Speed Centrifugal Juicer

Score: 73/100             Compare All

Price: $219      Learn More (video, description, specs, buy)

 -9 speeds means you can juice fruits, veggies and leafy greens.
- 3" diameter chute - speeds up your time juicing by taking larger fruits & vegetables.
 -Not as good with juicy fruit as the slow juicer.




Best Under $200

omega4000.jpgOmega 4000 Centrifugal Juicer

Score: 64/100             Compare All

Price: $169.99      Learn More (description, specs, buy)

 -Lower powered juicer means less juice oxidation than other centrifugal juicers.
 -Can juice leafy greens that the slow juicers have some issues with.
 -Smaller chute so doesn't juice as fast & more difficult to clean than other juicers.