Blender Reviews - Buying Guide of Top Rated Blenders


Blenders, like many appliances have been around for many decades however recently there have been some nice innovations.  Commercial blenders have become much more popular due to their power and versatility over traditional blenders.  There has also been the development of immersion blenders also called stick blenders due to the shape and design and specialty blenders such as margarita blenders.  Selecing the right blender can be challenging and we hope that our blender reviews helps you in selecting the right blender.


Blender Ratings Report Card                                               Scale:  D  E

Blender Price Overall Score Smoothies Ease of Use
Blendtec Professional $649 85 A B C
Native CMBL800 $195 82 A B C
Omega B2500L $449 78 A B C
Blendtec HP3A $434 76 B B C
Omega B2400 $379 74 B B C
Omega B2300 $299 70 C B C
L'Equip RPM 228
$179 67 C B B
Breville Ikon $169 62 C B B
Kalorik Aztec $94 59 D B C
DeLonghi DFP-500 $299 59 C D C
Waring MegaMix $199 58 C D C
Cuisinart PowerEdge $149 54 D B C
Waring PBB25 $149 52 D C C














Traditional Blender Reviews

These are the blenders that we grew up with.  They consist of a base that houses the motor and often have push button controls.  The container is usually made of glass or plastic and the blades are located at the bottom of the container.   This type of blender does a decent job in mixing foods but generally is not as effective in crushing ice for smoothies and cannot handle more difficult tasks such as heating soup.  A key benefit to traditional blenders is their lower price points.

Commercial Blender Reviews

Commercial blenders have become much more popular in the past 15 years.  If you are serious about making smoothies and want superior power in crushing ice you should consider a commercial blender.  Our testing and reviews show that commercial blenders have the power (typically 1500 watts and higher) to make the thickest of smoothies and can crush ice in seconds.  In addition, this increased torque and power can allow you to heat soup quickly and grind a variety of grains.


Comparison Review of Top Rated Blenders - Home Blenders:

Model Power (Watts) Pitcher Size Price Notes
Breville Ikon
600W 51 oz
$169.99 Glass container
Native CMBL800 1200W 70 oz
$195 Tamper Stick Included
Blendtec Professional 1560W 64oz + 96 oz $649.95 2 containers & countertop built in option
Blendtec Extreme 2400W 64oz + 96 oz $1,049.95 Tons of power - requires 20 amp receptacle







Immersion Blender Reviews

Immersion blenders have a long metal shaft with a mixing blade at the end.   The design has more of a screwdriver shape and the mixing blade is immersed into the food you are looking to blend.  The advantage is that with the immersion blender you can easily mix food in a variety of places, such as glasses, cups, or mixing bowls.  The disadvantage is that they do not have the power or blades to crush ice and cannot handle tougher jobs that a traditional or commercial blender can perform.


What to look for when choosing a blender A key consideration is what you are looking for the blender to do.  A blender with more power(ie higher watts) will generally do a better job in crushing ice for smoothies and can do the job more quickly.   Commercial blenders tend to be between 1200 and 1500 watts.  Other features to consider are a pulse or turbo button to give your blending a boost as well as a variable speed control to better manage the blade speed.   Carafe containers come in a variety of sizes (up to 96 oz)so another consideration is the volume of what you are looking to blend.  For larger sized jobs you will obviously want to shop for a 64oz container.  These containers are generally available in glass or plastic, however the trend on the higher end blenders is a high performance plastic.   If you don't have the storage space for a blender you may want to consider the design and size of the blender since it may be on your counter.  There are some low profile models as well as a variety of color options to accent your kitchen.