Espresso Maker Reviews: Shop for the Best Espresso Machines


The high-end coffee experience in the US has never been stronger and there has been good growth in the market for espresso machines where the coffee house experience can be enjoyed at home.

There are several types of espresso makers:  manual, semi-automatics / fully automatic espressos and super automatic espresso machines.  Read our espresso maker reviews to learn more.



Manual Espresso Maker Reviews

These are the most difficult espresso machine to operate but are popular with espresso enthusiasts.  The challenge is that the coffee grounds need to be the right size and attention needs to be paid to how to run the water at the proper temperature and pressure.  Although more difficult to operate, a manual espresso machine can be rewarding once you have mastered the process.

Semi-Automatic / Fully Automatic Espresso Maker Reviews

These espresso machines greatly simplify the process of making an espresso.  These models use an electric pump and regulated water pressure system to take much of the physical effort and guesswork out of making that perfect espresso.

Super Automatic Espresso Maker Reviews

Super automatic espresso machines do the complete.  In addition to the functions of the semi and fully automatic espresso's, the super-automatic espressos will grind the beans to the proper size, make your espresso or coffee, collect the used coffee grounds in a bin and perform a number of other specialty features.  It's like having your own personal barista.


Factors to Consider when Selecting an Espresso Maker Some espresso machines allow you to use your own coffee beans while others use coffee pods.  Pods are pre-measured and prepared in a small container.  If the espresso machine uses pods, you need to consider the cost of the pods as well as the availability.  For example, some brands such as Nespresso require you to use their pods and as of this writing, their pods can only be purchased directly from them.   Another consideration is the size of the espresso machine.  The more automated and featured the unit, the larger the espresso machine is in general.  These machines also tend to be heavier and counter or storage space may be a consideration.